Repeat-purchase-cycle for sales team activation

Repeat-purchase-cycle for sales team activation

I am looking for a CRM where I can calculate the average time interval between a customer’s repeat purchases. I´d like to then roughly predict when a client might repurchase and then give this information to my sales team so they can call the clients. Could I be able to do this with your CRM?

Really nice idea. I guess you’re selling some rather high value things in your store?

There would probably be quite a few ways to set this up.


Version 1. Since we’re not aiming for a perfect date in the prediction, we could start by building some interval groups and then sort users based on that. Thereby reducing the complexity a lot. Then we’d simply enable a customer to enter a list or get assigned a tag when too long time has passed based on other purchases.


Version 2. Also we could add a feature for “average days between purchases” – I like the idea, it’s not super difficult on our end, but would require some time to get things ready as it would be part of a software release.

Now with these things in mind…

Try and see how quickly you’ll be able to get this working.



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