Understand customers

Simple and free CRM lets you understand your customers. With complete CRM profiles you can deep dive into specific customer experiences and data.

Complete CRM profiles for every customer

Automation.app let’s you explore customer behavior. With individual customer profiles, you can observe patterns in the customer journey – and enable personal communication.

All your relevant ecommerce data combined

Tags and segmentation filtering makes you able to understand customers. Dive in to see order data, spending patterns, products and automation activity combined in individual customer profiles.

Customer database to access and enable data

Explore the customer sessions and product interactions. Create a better customer journey when seeing the single customers actions in terms of order history, lifetime spend and contact details.

Automate Segmentation and tagging

Segment by customer behaviour, geographic, demographic and more. Segmentation by any data – down to single product, revenue, orders, last order, location and use tags for segmentation.