Our pricing is simple and flexible

We offer a simple pricing model, based on the number of automations you need. The features for order overview and CRM are free to use.


per month

500 monthly automation activities

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per month

2500 monthly automation activities

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per month

10000 monthly automation activities

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Automation.app CRM is free. The Automation features are free to test for 14 days.

Automation.app is running on a point-based pricing: These credits automatically renew every month. You’ll only be paying the fees, when you start using Automation.app on live workflows after you set up billing inside the Automation.app.

Get free test credits • No credit card required • Free CRM & order overview

Build lasting automations
with one simple app.

Using Automation.app you can streamline communication and build a set of structured flows that runs a large part of your daily business.

No-code Automation Platform

Simple complete solution for handling orders, customers and automate workflows

Automation Actions for Everything

Multidepartment flow support. Automate business processes and build marketing automation

User-first Development

Your needs are our command. Send us an email to get your feature online

Enhanced Business Overview

Role based data access for teams with views and segmentation for orders and clients


Frequently asked questions.

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.

What does free trial mean?

It's free to set up Automation.app, you only pay when you activate the account. You can try everything for free for a month with 250 free credits

Where do I sign up?

Just "get started now" - as soon as you sign up your organisation, you'll automatically be added to the list of our first movers and benefits will be added to your account.

Do I benefit from being a first mover?

Free credits. You collect points which you can use towards automations once payment is required. In addition you gain extra support.

What is the next feature you're working on?

We work in fast paced sprints. Most features are in develoment for 2-5 days before you can see them. Therefore most likely our next feature is what you'll need - if you let us know: [email protected]

What is the price?

Basically the account is free. But of course with limited usage. We strive to build a software that will pay itself back a hundred times for every process automated.

What if I use too many automation's for the plan?

We will never charge you for more that the plan you are on. But we will let you know if it's time to upgrade.

Who are the people behind?

A development group with experience in improving revenue for E-commerce. An architect for e-commerce, a full stack dev with lots of e-commerce experience and a digital consultant. We're three founding partners.

I don't think I can set it up - I'm not very technical?

Need help with the setup og automation.app integration? Invite "us" as admin in WordPress: [email protected] Please choose a strong password and make sure you've signed up first.

Do you have a partnership model for agencies?

Yes, please visit our Partner site

Let us hear from you directly!

We always want to hear from you! Let us know how we can best help you and we'll do our very best.