Simple E-commerce
Automation & free CRM

Increase Revenue, win loyal customers - Automate

Workflows with new levels of Order Control

Personalise User Journeys with powerful CRM


Create powerful automations to enhance your business.

Your new E-commerce automation engine. Letting you get everything done - automatically. Use free today


All-in-one management

Handle and automate your e-commerce work in one place. Integrate multiple sites and manage users, and workflows with your team inside


Gain powerful insights

Segment orders and customers for insightful overviews. lets you create any list of orders and clients with a customised data view.


Let the cloud work for you

With you can make templates for emails, notes, slips, pdf's etc. And send these automatically - depending on set conditions.


Built for Teamwork

Invite colleagues and assign tasks to each other. Team setup gives you control over user roles and lets each employee build personal automations and segments.


Increase Revenue & Win loyal customers.

Marketing Automation delivers great results when you stay relevant through personalised and well timed messaging. Long lasting customer engagement is strengthened through well-timed valuable communication

Send Email & SMS

100+ triggering options

Pre-defined recipes

Custom email templates

Automation features

Process orders, the way you should.

Business Process optimisation can improve workflows. With new levels of Order Control through you have easily accessible information and get to process orders and customers in a way that is 100% tailored to your business.

Auto filtration

Save custom filtrations

Set views with data

Filtering is knowledge


Improve understanding of customers & your business.

A free CRM that is focused on E-commerce, automation & delivering personalised User Journeys from a lean CRM. , Analyse Customers,

Set automatic tags

Apply automation logic

Analyse customers

Manage data

A direct connection is a good connection

A direct connection is a good connection

What really sets apart. You’ll speak directly to people who understands your business + helps you set up every part of

Case Studies

In-depth looks at our work.

Time for a demo?

Time for a demo?

A meeting to go over your requirements and solutions

Fair, simple pricing for all sizes.

Get started for free, no credit card needed. We promise - you’ll see your orders in the system and start automation within 10 minutes from opening your account.


CRM, Marketing lists & Audiences

Marketing Automation & tagging

Order control & Overview

Send Email, SMS etc.

All features: Teamwork etc.

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We offer variable pricing with discounts for larger organizations of 40+ employees. Get in touch with us and we’ll figure out something that works for everyone.

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Who can use

Who can use

We help anyone, anywhere with automation and overview in e-commerce and e-commerce related businesses.

Integrate? Anything...

Integrate? Anything...

Export CRM audiences, orders or whatever data - to any system that integrates through Zapier.

Powerful API? - Yes, of course

Powerful API? - Yes, of course

Create unlimited users and give them access to specific data based on automated conditions.

Multi shop Integration

Multi shop Integration

One backend for all your orders and clients all commerce data in one place

Safe & Reliable, GDPR & CCPA compliant

Safe & Reliable, GDPR & CCPA compliant

Cloud hosted, reliable architecture with SSL running on Elastic Search, with 99.9% uptime

No-code E-commerce Automation & CRM

No-code E-commerce Automation & CRM

Fast installation using one script and support for dozens of platforms.