Simple order management

An automation focused order management solution, manage less and do more. let’s you automate most things and easily manage the rest.

Trigger advanced flows
Detailed User ManagementCreate unlimited users and give them access to specific data based on automated conditions.
No-code E-commerce AutomationFast installation using one script and support for dozens of platforms.
Automate almost anythingMultidepartment flow support. Automate business processes and build marketing automation

Manage and automate your order flow - tailor it to your needs

The order manager includes tracking and is totally customizable – it allows you to organise, track progress and manage orders in a simple way that aligns with your business flow. We understand that your business is special – there is a need for custom handling in some places. Allow the customers to get the ideal experience and inform internally as you need. Everything should be possible without development skill.

Automate routines, handle the rest effectively

Enable automations to receive notifications about stock and order status changes. – Order management is can be automated and processed manually for any special cases. It’s easy to define special workflows for some cases. The best way for you to manage orders – is to customize your order management system to fit your unique needs and shape your workflow around simple and, if possible, automated processes.

Keep customers informed

With fully customisable email templates you can create personalised emails and include any relevant order data – triggered automatically depending on any change in the order status, payment, in case of missing data – or anything else you might want to share.

Teamwork in the flow - permissions enables simplicity

You can set up 100% detailed access levels, allowing each user to see exactly the data they need. For example, you can set up a permission for a supplier to see all orders that include their specific product – or a sales responsible to see orders for a specific postal code. Anything Is possible in Using the conditions for permission settings gives you more options than any other system.