Tailor E-commerce processes

Automate communication, deliver relevant messages using purchase information, lifecycle stage, and more. Works well for both marketing automation and business process automation.

Automate anything you need

Create all kinds of automations – customer emails, internal reminders, synchronisation of data, supplier updates, order tagging or whatever flow you need.

Build 100% tailored automations and flows

Trigger automations when something changes or schedule it. Set delays as needed. Conditions limits when the automation happens. With custom automations you can do almost anything.

Pick pre-defined automation recipes

Use the pre-built recipes for quickly getting the baseline set for your automations. These best practise recipes include the automation setup and content. They will help you getting started quickly.

Templates in your styling for PDF’s & email

Select colors and define your style in the builder. The templates are used for the automation content. The template is for styling, mixed with the content in the automation you can create almost anything.