Free CRM for e-commerce

Customise user journeys and understand your customers

WooCommerce integratedOptionally automatically syncs status and data between CRM and Woo
Automate follow up emailsEffortlessly Boost Your Email Productivity with Automated Follow-Ups
No-code E-commerce AutomationFast installation using one script and support for dozens of platforms.
Send SMS & emailsEffortlessly Reach Your Audience with SMS and Email Communication

Complete CRM profiles lets you explore customers let’s you explore customer behavior. All your relevant ecommerce data combined – order data, spending patterns including products and automation activity combined in individual customer profiles. With the tags and segmentation filtering you’re able to quickly understand individual customers. With individual customer profiles, you can observe patterns in the customer journey – and enable personal communication.

Customer profiles

We create a complete CRM profile with orders, products ordered, AOV, CLV and much more.

Direct communication to customers

Send emails and SMS directly to your customers from the backend inside the dashboard.

Customer Database

Access and enable data with an WooCommerce CRM database. Create a better customer journey when seeing the single customers actions taken in terms of order history, lifetime spend and contact details. With our enterprise solutions we offer website tracking addition. Then you’ll also be able to explore the customer sessions and product interactions.

Automated Segmentation

Use customer actions to create customer segments for marketing. Automation has never been easier. Enjoy simple segmentation and tagging, with the out-of-the-box recipes. Use to segment by customer behaviour, geographic, demographic and more. Segmentation by any data – down to single product, revenue, orders, last order, location or tags you get a customised and dynamic WooCommerce CRM system. As soon as you’ve downloaded the woocommerce crm plugin, you can start segmentation and tagging. Just Get Started now.

Create your own segments

Build any segmentation of users with and/or conditions to include exactly who you want to target. Combine geography, user behaviour and any data on the users.

Automatically create customers

All customer information is collected in a single profile – including all purchase information