Rental, booking and appointment handling in

Rental, booking and appointment handling in

We support rental businesses and booking based processes. You can use to handle a customised workflow with customers that have bookings that are ahead in time from the order date and sort on relevant dates.

The idea is that you can create overviews for the time period, an area – or anything else where you need to sort orders on specific order related data.

We’re handling and describing use-cases for the following business cases in this post:

  • Rental (Equipment and personnel)
  • Bookings
  • Appointments



Use of custom filtering

With the filtering you can define rules to show only orders for a specific area, shop or orders containing a certain product. – With custom filters the orders shown are limited by what you define. Use it with and/or conditioning.


Use custom views

Shop pickups


Bookings for a specific day or interval



Dates and intervals for pickups and deliveries

Show orders that are relevant for a specific time period. With you can view orders that needs to be handled on specific dates in order to have an overview of the week ahead or a specific day.

Send updates for pickup times and much more …




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