WooCommerce Order Workflow Customisation

With WooCommerce and Automation.app together, the WooCommerce workflows can be perfectly adapted to your business process.

With a structured flow the WooCommerce order management can be automated for almost any use case. WooCommerce is 100 % flexible when it comes to order workflows – any customisation is possible. Combined with Automation.app even when there are customisations to the flow your flows Automation.app can be configured to match your business situation.

With WooCommerce and Automation.app together, the WooCommerce workflows can be perfectly adapted to your business process.

When you use, for example, WooCommerces order statuses to manage business flows, Automation.app can manage the timing and configuration of conditional settings to define when orders should change statuses. That means statuses in WooCommerce can be changed depending on any data in WooCommerce orders. You’ll be able to

Woocommerce Order management with statuses

Take a personalised order workflow approach

With Automation.app there is a multi layer user control. Which means that each user gets a custom list of relevant views and the filters show data differently depending on the views (columns) set for the user. In other words, the order list is 100 % depending on the user role and role in the company.

Each user sees an individualised overview

The controls are also set for the individual user level so that your business process is following the natural order workflow.

Order overview is a core part of the order workflow. It’s a 100 % configurable setup, where the different users will be able to see a custom view and sort lists quickly. These lists are made once with the condition filters – once built and saved a list of orders are dynamically updated when a new order comes in, that meets the criteria to be shown in the list. In Automation.app the lists are named filters. They’re the backbone of seeing relevant orders for each step in the workflow.

Order overview for woocommerce orders with meta data

Simple woo order overview

The technical aspects of the order workflow

If you would like to understand the technical aspects of the WooCommerce order workflow management inside Automation.app, we have a short explanation for the modules in the features section on the promo site. Also it’s relevant to understand that the individualisation, filterings, condition setups etc. does not slow the system. Automation.app is built to scale indefinitely, running on scalable servers with modern code and solutions like Elastic Search and Big Query for database and digital log recommendations.

Order workflow runs differently than in WooCommerce core

Automation.app code runs completely differently than WooCommerce, but still the systems are fully compatible. Automation.app merges all the data from WooCommerce – and honestly, WooCommerce really made a very good setup, we follow the same principles and adds full support for any type of custom data. One of the things we offer in Automation.app is that a custom field can work as a trigger and will feel as much as a core field in Woo than any standard field.

Automation of order workflows in WooCommerce – and why we don’t do it in WooCommerce

Many things are not possible or effective in WooCommerce. It’s one of the main reasons that Automation.app can’t run inside WooCommerce. Basically the code is too specialised to run on standard shared servers – we run constant checks to see if something needs to trigger automations etc. The demands for the servers forces us to run on our specialised servers.

For example with an order for a specific area you can assign an order to a specific user and make sure this user is notified.

All views of your orders have options to be filtered with a personalised view, this means

Assign an order to a user – you’ll select conditions to choose any user on a dropdown list of users. Set the conditions so the user is assigned to the specific order.

Views are based on your conditions. Automation.app is a flexible and robust business automation engine for WooCommerce with custom flows.

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