Multiple WooCommerce Shop Pages (Ecommerce Multi Store) is designed to run your business the way you like to, offering an option to add a separate WooCommerce management setup to the shops focused on multi shop order management and automation of processes.


Running WordPress shops on WooCommerce lets you do, technically, almost anything. The open source means lots of software has been written for WordPress. Therefore there are many ways to run a WooCommerce with multiple stores. can help you in a lot of specific situations when you run into trouble with the multiple shops handling of post purchase overview and following up.

First let’s look at some general types of multi stores that can run on WooCommerce.

Types of Ecommerce multi stores

Category and brand based multi stores

  • Offer one or more categories of products on a single website
  • Create dedicated storefronts and brand sites for a product or category
  • Marketing efficiency can be optimised with separate keywords and individual branding pr. store
  • Offer improved user experience with brand specific experiences on micro sites
  • Differentiate checkout and shipping options based on products
  • Use for any kind of ecommerce multi store
  • Automate responses to each store, but search through all customers in one backend

Geolocation based multi store 

  • Use for city- or country stores. And run any number of stores on
  • Display different products in each store
  • Monitor customer behaviour on storefronts to plan deals
  • Offer segmented deals and discounts on each store 
  • Create grocery stores, fitness chain or country specific store

Split testing with multi store e-commerce

  • Split test several shops with similar products, but different brandings, texts and images
  • Run advanced A/B testing with for example Google optimise, Unbounce or similar
  • Test out a new brand strategy on a separate website without causing extra handling

Affiliate multi e-commerce store

  • Affiliate ecommerce multiple storefronts is possible with 
  • Utilise multi-store ecommerce model to create a network of affiliates
  • Easily onboard individual affiliates to sell with multi-shop websites

Manage Multiple WooCommerce shops with

There are many good reasons for multiple shops on WooCommerce: Languages, currencies, branding, testing and much more, can be reasons for two (or more) WooCommerce shops within one company. is designed to run your business(es) – the way you like to, we offer the option of adding a separate WooCommerce management setup to the shops – focusing on multi shop order management and automation of processes.


Free woocommerce multi store plugin download


WooCommerce Multi Store on with WordPress Multi Store Plugin

A WordPress multi store plugin is offered free to download from WordPress. The plugin connects with WooCommerce and automatically starts synchronising the orders to This feature is offered for free for with our free plan – so you can handle orders from WooCommerce in In you can also set up segments of users or orders from the data loaded through the WooCommerce plugin.

With creation of customised overviews, combined with several user levels in the team/user management allows you to make individual overviews for each user, shop, manager or whoever needs a customised overview.

Benefits of multi store plugin plugin connects your data, but the plugin will not directly effect your WooCommerce or WordPress. That means you’ll experience faster load times for users when using our solution for the backend operations as the server will have less load. Also the experience and data is optimised for fast load in Delivering a much faster experience than the usual WooCommerce backend.


WooCommerce multi store plugin free download from WordPress

Download woocommerce multi store plugin

How the actual store setup works in WooCommerce

As clever as might seem, it’s still just software. There are limits. For example, you can’t create WooCommerce shops from This happens by setting up your WordPress/WooCommerce shops. When that’s done, you simply connect as many stores as you like to

WooCommerce multiple store locations

If you’re looking to set up different addresses for your separate shop locations, we recommend that you look into the options for the checkout. Simply add a shop selector on the checkout in WooCommerce (for example use custom checkout fields plugin from WooCommerce) – from there you’ll be able to do almost anything with regards to shop locations / store locations. multi store ecommerce

Ensure orders can still be managed effectively even when running a number of different ecommerce shops. With the multi store ecommerce platform you can handle orders from a large number of shops in one dashboard with an automation rule builder and customer segmentation.

Why you need to try for multi store ecommerce order handling

Integration takes minutes for CMS platforms with plugin is free to try

Simple order management from common backend

Integrate several multiple shops and storefronts into one common backend

Knowledge for E-commerce multi store

When to use multi store ecommerce solution

You can use multi store for e-commerce on your current shops or when building new ecommerce shops. Integrate with our simple integration plugins or use API to connect data to and from your shops to the multi store integration platform that is provided by

How does multi store ecommerce work

The order data is transferred to after a customer makes a purchase. Product data is already known inside, the order can now be managed from, no matter which shop the data is coming from. When you update the status and data for the order in, the data can be returned to the shop. 

What is handled in the multi store ecommerce platform

Handle multi store order data, customers information, products and categories in one place – and create automations for the shops. With you have a multi store ecommerce platform built with synchronization in mind.

Usage examples for multi store integrations

WooCommerce two stores or more

With this brief guide to Managing Multiple WooCommerce Stores we will let you know how to use to create the best WooCommerce multi store store with minimum requirements for plugins and no hacks. lets you synchronise orders from 2 or more stores to a single application where you can automate handling and keep track of customers and build segments for marketing and communication.




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