25 tips for Marketing Automation with WooCommerce

This post contains a list of concrete automation tools you need + works as a practical guide with relevant marketing automation advise. Designed to grow your business through an organic and long term email growth strategy.

Marketing Automation for Woo

Build marketing automation structures for your WooCommerce store. This will help your ecommerce business convert and retain more customers. This post contains a list of concrete automation tools you need + works as a practical guide with relevant marketing automation advise. Designed to grow your business through an organic and long term email growth strategy. Setting up automations for marketing automation purposes can be done while keeping a constant link with your WooCommerce platform.


A bit about Automation.app Marketing Automation with WooCommerce

Automation.app integrates with WooCommerce in a 2-way manner that ensures that the customer CRM data is up to date in both WooCommerce and Automation.app. Automation.app runs as your CRM and order management tool alongside being a full Marketing Automation platform. These features work together to create the full experience.

With Automation.app you’ll run targeted marketing automation out of the box. Automation.app delivers Marketing Automation for WooCommerce with all the tools you need in one place and with seamless WooCommerce integration.

With a full integration – orders and CRM, tracking, marketing automation & more. Create the emails that you’ll need on the fly with Automation.app and ensure return customers.


WooCommerce marketing

Email Marketing Automation on WooCommerce through third party works great for ecommerce. Because you’ll get better separation of the WooCommerce frontend for customers and the backend for handling orders and automating workflows, while the complex handling of backend solutions is not slowing down your shop.


Convert and Retain Customers

You need to grow your store and make more money without adding new spending on Ads and marketing and without constantly creating newsletters. Automation.app is your long-term solution to convert and retain customers with marketing that does the hard work for you. Automation.app has everything you need to convert and retain customers, grow your store and make more money. – Without adding another recurring task on your to-do-list. Automation.app is a one time time investment and a small monthly fee that creates better customer lifetime value over long term. Possibly adding a new optimised workflow and better customer knowledge for your store.


The Value of Segmentation: Retain Inactive Customers

Win Back Inactive Customers Target inactive customers with automated email marketing campaigns.

Your automatic emails to engage with inactive customers are running on set intervals and depending on customer interaction. The Win Back the with inactive customers targeting drives value by presenting products, services through reminding the inactive customers of your services.

Increase the customer lifetime value and deliver extraordinary customer service.


Omni-channel is more than email – SMS Notifications 

Include special offers and recommendations. Send SMS notifications to customers or admins for getting a stronger customer relation. The rule in marketing and sales is to create as many touchpoints on multiple devices and channels as possible. SMS activates different triggers in the receiving end. Your customers are not as used to getting messages in SMS as in emails.


#1: 4-in-1 tip: Follow Up Emails

Follow Up Emails Automatically email customers who buy specific products or has specific purchase patterns in your WooCommerce store. We strongly recommend the following 4 methods for WooCommerce Marketing Automation follow-up:

  • Welcome Series
  • Reward segments
  • Post-Purchase Follow Up
  • Re-engage disengaged audiences

These 4 emails for follow up can all be set up with Automation.app – we recommend using the standardised automation recipes


Email marketing recipes for simple Marketing Automation


Failed & cancelled order reminders

Marketing Automation is more than showing smart ads in the right time. The omni-channel combines with internal procedures in the most intelligent Marketing Automation. Marketing Automation can hook into customer service and deliver better customer


Abandoned Cart Reminders

Send an abandoned cart reminder if you’re in need of this feature for Automation.app, please send us an email on [email protected]. We’re running a 100% GDPR/CCPA compliant setup with the core installation of Automation.app. Therefore this feature has to be evaluated for each case and is only installed after examining the policies in the shop country and the cookie policy. There can be hefty fines if you don’t comply, we’re here to keep you safe on the Abandoned Cart Reminders. Even if you’re not running Automation.app yet, don’t hesitate to send us an email and let us help you evaluate the situation with you.


5 Product related Marketing Automation activities

This is actually more of a classic campaign idea. In automation.app we’re considering an option for creating emails with products you’re creating and sending the info to relevant former customers about sale, upsells or new product arrivals. The education is already available, but don’t hesitate to reach out if you need help setting these things up, we’d love to build or configure the features you need in terms of product related marketing activities.

  • Upcoming product
  • Product arrival
  • Product sale
  • Upsell offers
  • Educate about products or product categories


Custom product education

3 Transactional Automation Updates

The idea is to make sure that whatever you send is always highly relevant. With the transactional emails you have a chance to deliver marketing and sales messages while informing clients on relevant progress on their orders. The rating and review is often overlooked. It serves as one of the most important ways of generating customer loyalty. Use it!

  • Shipping confirmation
  • Delivery confirmation
  • Product rating and review

Notice that WooCommerce order status and WooCommerce order workflows can be customised


4 Classic Marketing Automations

  • Referral reward
  • Refer a friend
  • Coupons
  • Tips list


5 Specialised Marketing Automation Tips

Use these ideas to create a dominant position in the market through delivering advice and show your clients how the products work. These work especially well in more complex and expensive purchases, where your clients have a longer time to buy.

  • Webinar invitation
  • New changes in the shop or products
  • Help guide
  • Video tutorial
  • Limited time sale


How to pick the BEST of the above 25 Tips

Now, I’m pretty sure that’s 25 ideas for you to pick from. At Automation.app you can use all of the above. But be sure to pick the customer journey design over the “smart idea”. Imagining a customer personae and sending relevant mail to this customer is key to success in Marketing Automation.


Email Marketing in Automation

Email automation is when you set up email campaigns to be sent either based on a trigger or an elapsed period of time. For example, when a customer first signs up for your newsletter or creates an account on your store, you know you have to send a welcome email.

Automated emails can take an enormous burden off of you. When combined with segmented email lists, triggered emails can ensure that highly targeted messages are being delivered to your leads and customers at the best possible moment to get results.

Whether you’re welcoming customers to your email list – or sending offers to increase customer value, automated email series can drive major conversions that would otherwise have been left behind.



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