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Email automation lets WooCommerce store owners increase sales from customers.

Send automated emails based on customer behavior and purchase history

Send SMS & emails

Trigger advanced flows

Simple email template setup

Automate almost anything

Simple email builder

Simple Email Templates with Styling

Get started with perfect follow up emails in no time. Use our templates - carefully constructed from learning during thousands of email campaigns. is the easiest way to build email marketing automation campaigs.

Pre-written Content for Email Automation Campaigns

We know the difficulty of writing original Email automation content. Use the pre-built recipes to get started. They will include the technical automation setup to help you time the sending and each recipe contains email content.

Email marketing automation content
configuring email automations with recipes and templates

Email Automation made Easy

With the combination of templates and pre-built automation recipes you'll have your automations up and running quickly. All can be done today. is aoding-free email marketing automation platform for woocommerce, that turns your efforts into advanced marketing automation flows around your business processes - effortlessly.

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