E-commerce Customer Lifecycle Management

Dynamically enhance the e-commerce customer engagement experience

Engage customer touch points with precision and dynamic interaction that makes clients feel welcome. Bringing your ecommerce mailing to the next level creates a lifecycle marketing effect where clients becomes much stronger brand advocates.

Get optimal customer interaction, onboard clients with step-by-step

Adjust the communication to stages in the customer lifecycle, product choices and segment to drive consecutive purchases, reactivation and engage on a much more personal level.

Some typical examples of follow up emails include

  • After purchase eCommerce Follow Up Emails
  • Post Sign-Up Welcome Email
  • Product Review Responder Email
  • Inactive Customer Follow Up Email
  • Follow Up Your Promotions Always

But we highly recommend starting a few steps further back when thinking about how to follow up on your sales.

Process to create good post sales E-commerce automation

The goal is not to send automated emails. The goal is to automate what you cannot do manually for each client.

Therefore, start by figuring out, based on one client (customer personae), "what would be the perfect email to send to this specific client?"

Then create that as a template and use the Automation.App segments, sending options and insert dynamic valuables, to send that perfect email to the client.

Don't worry much about email template design or creating fancy stuff (it's got little impact anyways). Just make sure you get personal - address the product the user has bought (product/category triggered on new order), make a recommendation to visit a nearby store (postal code based triggering on new order) or whatever you can come up with.

This is how you'll start to take better care of your clients. Honestly, this is the no BS approach that will get you far, quick!


  • Customer Relation Management (CRM)
  • Full customer view - complete view of individual clients
  • Easy segmentation and visual breakdown of your customers
  • Detailed RFM (recency, frequency, monetary) Analytics and Automation
  • Transactional and Behavioural segmentations - to create and manage dynamic sending
  • Imagine and build loyalty and nurturing programs


  • Improved Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
  • Value driving outgoing communication
  • Lower churn rate

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