WooCommerce orders not transferring by plugin to Automation.app


Webhooks in WooCommerce are responsible for the communication between WooCommerce and Automation.app.

Debugging integration

In most of the integration issues we see there is nothing being sent from the clients (your) WooCommerce to Automation.app because of the server. Shared server settings or because of a faulty plugin setting.

Let's check these 2 things:

The main 2 reasons we see are inactive webhooks and plugin with incorrect keys

1. Are webhooks active? - Could webhooks have been deactivated:

Get to this page on your WooCommerce:


Make sure all Automation.app webhooks are set to "Active"

2. Alternatively it could be a plugin issue when signing up

Check that the plugin has correct keys:

Should be the first one api key

Start by opening the WooCommerce to se the keys


Then check that the API keys are matching inside Automation.app:


Automation.app settings in WooCommerce:

WooCommerce check API keys

WooCommerce check API keys

WooCommerce API keys check in Automation.app:Automation.app WooCommerce API integration keys

Webhooks example - from "deactivated issue", often caused by WP setup or server settings

We can see that the Status is set to "Deaktiveret/Deactivated" under some of the WooCommerce webhooks.

WooCommerce webhooks

WooCommerce webhooks


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